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YesInsights was started to help entrepreneurs, small business owners and anyone leading a team get actionable feedback they can use to improve their business and experience.

There are a lot of survey and feedback tools on the market, and frankly they overcomplicate the heck out of the process! At YesInsights we want you to discover your one question – the single question for your customers, prospects, or employees that will help move your business forward.

In 2017 YesInsights joined the Design Pickle family to further expand the tool’s impact and reach across the globe.

We encourage you to give YesInsights a try 100% for free and if you need anything, we’re here for you!


“YesInsights is an incredibly simple tool that solved a problem for us. We were able to make our surveys painless to answer and, because of this, increase our survey responses rates by 400%! We’ve been asking questions about new products and the results have been incredibly helpful in helping us make informed decisions on what to release next.”

- Ada Yim, Marketing at Nona Lim Foods


We might be small, but we're mighty

Wilson Peng

Co-founder, Growth Guy

wilson@yesinsights.com  |  @wilsonpeng8

Wilson has been an entrepreneur and growth hacker/sales person for his entire life. Previously Wilson ran Head of Growth for Mobile Action, Iron.io and is the Founder of InspireBeats.

Austin Pocus

Co-founder, Tech Guy

austin@yesinsights.com  |  @ajpocus

Austin has been teaching himself how to code since he was 13 years old and previously was a Application Developer at Saygent, and founded multiple SaaS startups after that including a Goal Tracking tool called Powerup.

Lenny Hu

Co-founder, Product Guy

lenny@yesinsights.com  |  @lenndizzle

Lenny has a background in UX/UI design and previously was apart of Knowtify (Techstars) for over 2 years as a Co-founder and Head Designer. Previously he studied UX under Kate Rutter and Laura Klein at Tradecraft.

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